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Do you need to develop your ideas for your product and services in international security?
Do you need a political researcher and scientist to assist you in developing your ideas?
Do you need a strategic consultant who can help you in identifying geopolitical security threats, and in developing a strategic counter-threat model?  

If you answer YES to one or more of the above questions, you have come to the right place.

Polintell is a division of Global Partnership and Development Limited. 

- are practical
- are passionate and determined with what we do
- maintain integrity in our work
- embrace and drive change and innovation 
- are knowledgeable and skilful in our field and work
- deliver high-quality services and products
- place our values at the core of our activities

As an agency in advanced research projects in international relations and security, and defence, we offer a range of cutting edge approaches in developing models of counter threat, strategic stability, and resiliency, towards global political issues.

We will develop models for you. Our models do not ignore relevant details and have tremendous practical values. Global politics change. To understand global politics and security better, multiple models have to be formulated. The models help to make sense of the phenomena and to think coherently for smarter choices and wise decisions. Our models utilise predictive and strategic thinking approaches. The models will also inspire you to think logically, strategically, innovatively, and creatively. 


- Political and security risk and threat assessment
- Situational forecasting
- Counter threat models
- Political and security risk and threat management
- Country threat assessment
- Strategic negotiation
- Strategic resiliency models
- Research and Development


We promote cooperation in innovative security models, concepts, frameworks, and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. 

We will strive to be trusted advisers to our clients and to be their source of assistance for achieving better policy outcomes by identifying both political risks and opportunities.

 We will strive to be the go-to, respected source of up-to-date, relevant information and cutting-edge counter threat models and resiliency. We aim to extend our knowledge library progressively to global coverage.

We will also strive to provide innovative solutions that address defence gaps and needs.

“Research is creating new knowledge.” -Neil Armstrong

Global Partnership and Development (GPD) is a registered company based in New Zealand. GPD was established in 2006. 

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